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Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science edited by Miriam A. Drake Published by Marcel Dekker.

Full-Time Research Scholars:

Research Scholars of this category pursue full-time doctoral research under the guidance of a Research Supervisor in the Departments / Schools / Centres / Extension Centres of Bharathidasan University, approved Research Centres / Departments of the colleges affiliated to this University and National Institutions / Laboratories / Organizations / their regional Laboratories / Centres based at any part of the Country /and Institution abroad/ Industrial Establishments in India or abroad recognized by the University as centres for advanced research and training in the disciplines / areas approved by the University.

Part-Time Research Scholars:
Research Scholars within this category are those who, irrespective of their employment status, pursue their doctoral research under the guidance of a Research Supervisor on Part-Time basis in the places mentioned in the section 1.1.

Full-Time Research Scholars:
Candidates qualified for Master's degree with not less than 55% of marks or a CGPA of 5.51 and above in the 10.00 point scale under CBCS, under the Department of Library and Information Science is eligible to register for Ph.D. Their Course of study must be as per the regulations of this University or any other University accredited by UGC for the award of the degrees in the respective disciplines of study correlatable with those of Bharathidasan University.

Part-Time & Research Scholars:
Any citizen of India or foreign country living either in India or abroad irrespective of their employment status who wish to pursue their doctoral research are eligible to register under Part-Time Research provided they fulfill the eligibility norms.

5.1 Constitution of Departmental Research Committee (DRC)
Research Committees are constituted for an effective coordination of the Ph.D. and M.Phil. research activities of the departments including selection and admission of
Research scholars, constitution of Doctoral Committees and maintenance of the quality of research.
A. University Departmental Research Committee :
Every Department of the University shall Constitute a Research Committee comprising the chair of the school concerned Heads of the Departments and senior professors
of the department. Deans of the faculties will be special invitees of the research Committee.

General Procedures for Admission and Registration :
5.2.1 General Process :
Candidates desirous of admission into the Ph.D. research programme shall obtain the prescribed preliminary application form from the University or from the University website and submit the application form along with a brief research proposal of 500 words, experience certificate and research publications to the Registrar of the University. The Registrar, will forward the application to the respective Departmental Research Committee (DRC). of the University or the Concerned College. The Departmental
Research Committee will follow the selection process given in section 5.2.2, for the provisional admission of the candidates, and forward its recommendations to the
Registrar of the University through the Principal of the respective college / the Deans of the faculties of the University for necessary action. The Registrar will inform
the candidates about their provisional admission.
5.2.2 Selection Procedure :
The selection of candidates for provisional admission shall be based on the following procedure :
The selection shall be based on both written test and oral test Examination. The test should examine Research aptitude, grasp of the subject, intellectual ability and general knowledge of the prospective admittees. The teacher candidates and the candidates who have pa s s ed UGC/CSIR/NET/SLET examinations shall be exempted from the written test; but shall have to take the viva-voce examination.

There shall be Four Sessions for registration and the lastdate for submission of Provisional Registration application forms is as follows:
Session Last Date
January 1st December
April 1st March
July 1st June
October 1st September

 Department of Library and Information Science, Bharathidasan University
Ongoing  Ph.D Work

S. No.
Research Scholor Year Approved Topic of Research Research Supervisor

R.Prabu (Awarded)

2008-10 Networking of College Libraries affiliated to Bharathidasan University Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

M. Surulinathi


2013 Mapping the Research Productivity of Green Computing: A Scientometric Study Dr. R. Balasubramani

B. Neelakandan


2008-11 Web-based Information Services in the Universities of TN and Karnataka: A Comparative Study Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

P. Jayanthi


2008-11 Resource Development of University Libraries in Tamilnadu: A Analytical Study Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

C. Kokila


2008-11 Information Literacy Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan



2008-11 E-Learning Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

R.Muthukrishnan (Awarded)

2009-12 Scientometric Study Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

A.Kalisdha (Awarded)

  Mapping the Medicinal Plants Research output: A Scientometric Study Dr. R. Balasubramani



2009-12   Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

P.S.Balamurugan (Submitted)

2009-12 Scientometrics Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan
P. Ashokkumar (Awarded)   Use and Impact on UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium among the Research Scholars of Tamilnadu State University Dr. R. Balasubramani
C. Ranganathan (Awarded   Mapping the Green Chemistry Research Output: A Scientometric Study Dr. R. Balasubramani
Santosh Navalur   Efficiency and effectiveness of Knowledge Management in the field of Agriculture Dr. R. Balasubramani
Rinuiye   ICT Skills among the women Librarians: a special reference to North Eastern Universities. Dr. R. Balasubramani
P. Duraipandi (Awarded   Mapping of Jawaharlal Nehru University Research Output: A Scientometric Analaysis Dr. R. Balasubramani
Sivasekaran (Awarded   Scientometrics Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan
Balaji     Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan
Manjula (Awarded   Scientometrics Dr. N. Amsaveni
Manikandan (Submitted)   Scientometrics Dr. N. Amsaveni
S. Nithiya (Submitted) 2013-16 Mobile Computing: A Scientometric Study Dr. M. Surulinathi
N. Rajalakshmi 2013-16 Social Science Rearch: A Bibliometric Study Dr. M. Surulinathi
N. Prasannakumari (Awarded 2014-16 Mapping the Research output of Bharathidasan University Dr. M. Surulinathi
Savita   Scientometrics Dr. M. Surulinathi
A. Poornima 2014-17 Scientometrics: Yoga Dr. M. Surulinathi
A. Gopinath 2014-17 Cloud Computing: A Scientometric Study Dr. M. surulinathi
S. Kanagasundari (Submitted) 2014-16 Mapping the Research oupput of Digital Learning: A Scientometric Study Dr. M. surulinathi
K. S. Abu     Dr. R. Balasubramani
J. Issac Arputharaj     Dr. B. Jeyapragash
G. T. Kokilar     Dr. R. Balasubramani
R. Umayurubagam 2016-18   Dr. N. Amsaveni
V. Sriroopa     Dr. N. Amsaveni
Gunasekaran 2014-17 Scientometrics Dr. M. Surulinathi
K. Ankasetty October 2016-19 Scientometrics Dr. M. Surulinathi

A. Muthuraj

2016-18   Dr. B. Jeyapragash

T. Rajkumar

2016-18   Dr. B. Jeyapragash
36 M. Laksham January 2017-2019 Scientometrics Dr. M. Surulinathi





Students/Scholars Passed SLET/NET

S.No. Name of Student/Scholar Batch year of Pass
01 Renukadevi 2008-2010 2012
02 Umasankar, S 2008-2010 2012
03 Roseline Mary 2007-2009 2013
04 Vasanthi, R 2007-2009 2013
05 Velayutham 2010-2012 2013
06 Jaganathan 2010-2012 2013
07 Ashokkumar 2010-2013 2013
08 Kanagarasu, R 2009-2010 2012
09 Suresh 2008-2009 2012
10 Prabhu, M. 2008-2009 2013
11 Rajesh Kumar, K. 2013-2015 2014
12 Prasannakumari, N. 2014-2016 2015
13 Devendrappa, T 2014-2016 2016
14 Mohankumar, S 2013-2015 2016
15 Bharathadevi, T 2013-2015 2016
16 Kavitha 2013-2015 2015
17 S. Abirami 2014-2016 2016
18 M. Allimuthu 2008-2010 2016
19 J. Issac Arbutharaj 2015-2018 2017
20 K. Jothilakshmi 2015-2017 2017



Best Paper Award/Honors

S.No. Name of Student/Scholar/Faculty Organizer
01 S. Nithya SALIS and KCT, Coimbatore
02 R. Prabhu SALIS and KCT, Coimbatore
03 M. Surulinathi
August 2010 Best Paper Award for professionals (Paper Title: MobileTechnology and Library Services in Bharathidasan University) at NationalConference on Next Generation of Digital Libraries and Web technologiesorganized by SALIS collaborated with Sri Krishna College of Engineeringand Technology, Coimbatore -9. (Cash Price)
04 J. Manikandan SALIS and Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi
05 Dr. M. Surulinathi
January 2012: Best Paper  Award for Professionals (Paper Title: MusicDigital Library at Bharathidasan University), National Conference onInnovative Library Services in Digital Environment, SALIS 2012, Organizedby Central Library of Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering andTechnology, Pollachi- 642 003. January 19-21, PP. 497-502. ISBN: 978-81-903838- 6-8. (Cash Price)
06 Dr. B. Jeyapragash SALIS and Cresent University, Chennai
07 Dr. R. Balasubramani SALIS and Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women at Chennai
08 Santosh Navalur SALIS and Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women at Chennai
09 Renyui SALIS and Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women at Chennai
10 Nithiya, S Sethu Institute of Technology
11 Tamilvani Jacob Memorial College, Ambilikai
12 Manikandan, J FEAT, Annamalai University
13 Dr. M. Surulinathi
8-9 August 2014: A. N. Marappan Memorial National Best YoungLibrarian Award by Society for the Advancement of Library andInformation Science (SALIS). National Conference Organized by Coimbatore Institute of Technology.
14 Dr. M. surulinathi 28-29 November 2014: Best Paper Award at International Conference organized by Central Library, K. L. University,Andhra Pradesh. (Paper Title: Social Networking Tools for Chat withLibrarian)
15 Kupeshan Best paper award at St. Xavier’s College of Education, Tirunelveli.with SALIS
16 Dr. R. Balasubrmani 2015: A. N. Marappan Memorial National Best YoungLibrarian Award by Society for the Advancement of Library andInformation Science (SALIS). National Conference Organized by Cresent University.
17 Dr. B. Jeyapragash 2016: A. N. Marappan Memorial National Best YoungLibrarian Award by Society for the Advancement of Library andInformation Science (SALIS). National Conference Organized by K.S. R. College of Technology.
18 M. Devaki and R. Malini Smart Phone Applications in Library Services organized by Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
19 J. Issac Arputharaj Utilization of Academic Social Networking Sites by Bharathidasan University with special reference to Research Gate organized by SALIS and KSR College of Technology
20 J. Issac Arputharaj Scientific Publication and Evaluation: Writing Research Papers Citation Analysis and Plagarism organised by Coimbatore Institute of Technology
21 B. Jeyapragash, A. Muthuraji and T. Rajkumar Fundig Agencies for Higher Learning and Research: An overview organized by Bishop heber College, Tiruchirappalli
22 Thivya Janan  
23 M. Sumathi Subject Gateway for MGT in Webnode Platform at Bharathidasan Unviersity: A Case study organized by VHNSN College, Virudhunagar jointly with SALIS